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Below are some of the most common questions asked by potential applicants. If there is something you want to know that isn’t covered below, please us the contact form.

How do you distribute loot?

We us CTLootCouncil for all our loot distribution.

What addons are required?

Deadly Boss Mods, RCLootCouncil, GTFO and Angry Assignments.

Do I need to bring my own flasks / food etc?

Unless stated otherwise, everyone brings their own consumables.

Do I have to bring all consumables every time?

If it’s normal mode or a farm raid, dps pots may be optional. Everything else is mandatory all the time. We obviously won’t waste dps potions and food on the first 3-4 attempts of a mythic fight, but if there is a chance to actually kill the boss, not having all the consumables can disqualify you from receiving loot.

Is 100% raid attendance mandatory?

We maintain a relatively small raid group in order to avoid spreading upgrades out too thin and hindering guild progress. Given that fact, as well as the fact that we only have three scheduled raids per week, means that, unless there is an emergency, raid attendance is mandatory. If you know you will skip X amount of raids please let an officer know.